Sunday, 18 October 2009

This week gave me a whole new insight to the way we could tell the stories for the christmas fair. I feel like I have been so concerned about getting the era of the house correct, that it never occured to me the amount of fun we can actually have with this project. I was getting frusterated with myself for directing all my attention and thoughts to how we can keep the fair historically correct. However, after this weeks performance by Zoe and Jenny, I would like to thank them both for giving me the realisation that there is so much we can do with this project. I loved the use of set, which was quick to put up and put away agin, and also gave the story a fun element, as they had made it themselves, using glass bottles, stones, carboard and hawaiin grass skirts. The use of a washing horse to hold up a carboard cut out of a tree, made the story lighthearted and comical. I think the piece, which was the story of 'the owl and the pussycat' should definately be an option for the fair. It could work really well, if they acted like proffesional actors putting on a very important play. It could make the piece more comical. They could also develop the piece so that members of the audience could play the other characters such as the pig or the moon. After watching the piece, the option of using set, which I previously thought would be inappropriate for such short stories, is now a definite possibility. Watching that one performance, has to be my favourite part of the module so far. I feel like I learnt alot about the project from that performance. I am really excited about the stories that will be told next week, although a high standard has been set which we must all live up to.

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  1. Oh thanks babe! I must say I know we went overboard but put me and Jen together and anything is possible! Nothing will stop us! Looking forward to everyones on friday :) xx