Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Looking forward to doing this project, however I'm confused about what I want to base my performance on, or who to do it with. I would like to work with a group of people in prison as I later want to become a dramatherapist and I feel this would give me a good insight into what it may be like. I feel it could take me on a journey with those people both psychologically and physically, which are the two major elements of dramatherapy. I also think it could be a good idea to work with a group that I could perhaps continue working with after this project. There's so much to think about!!!


  1. Great start Hannah. It's a big year and there is certainly a lot to think about. Keep me up to date with your thoughts and plans. We'll always try and find placements that support your future ambitions.

  2. I'm doing some volunteer work at a hospice and another home which consists of me running a drama workshop. I need to plan these before I go in to do them, but these could be possible groups that I may be able to develop further work with. It's early days though, so will have to see how things go!!!