Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Last lecture me and Rachel performed our story. We included costume and audience participation which consisted of them saying a line which was repeated throughout the story with which they had to do a action to. We thought audience participation worked well, especially if the audience was of a younger age, although me and rachel discussed ther idea of changing it so that the two characters we brought up on stage had more of a role. We felt that we had just placed them on stage, without them doing anything which is an idea we could develop so that they're more active. Another group used audience participation, which again worked well, as it kept our attention and we felt more involved. I would like to work on the story and perhaps use it at the Christmas fair, although I'm not sure if we would have to adapt the story as it was nothing to do with Christmas. It could work well if there was more than one action was used within the piece.

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