Wednesday, 7 April 2010

bell ringing

I went with Charlotte, Rachel and Sarah to visit some bell ringers in Isleworth, which we are aiming to incpoporate into the parade in some way or another. To begin with, I was uncertain how this would work, but after discussing it with the girls, I have realised they would incoporate the bells by either tieing them around their ankles , wrists etc or by giving a demonstration in Ham House gardens. I think it would add an interesting element to the parade, in that the parade should appeal to other senses not only the visual. I think the bells would help to create the carnivelesque atmosphere and would enable people to identify the groups identity as church bell ringers. I also think it is important to include these kinds of groups, as it is significant for a community event to include all groups from the area. As a Christian nation it is also important to incoporate them into the event.
On our arrival we were taken to one of the highest points in the church where we were shown the bells and how they work. I was suprised at how many different sizes there were and the range of sounds they made. We watched the bells ring for a while after being told to sit down with our feet on the floor as the power of the bells was so strong, catching our foot on a rope could have taken us up to the tower!!! As we watched we could feel the room rocking slightly from the vibrations. We were then given a chance to ring the bells ourselves! It took a suprising amount of strength and concentration to control them. I was also shocked at the variety of patterns the bells could be rung in. Sitting there watching made me realise that the bell ringing was a community event in itself both for the people participating and those outside who were included though hearing the bells ring. I look forward to them participating in the parade where with some luck they'l have the same kind of impact.

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